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The best choice for making fish balls

Hong Kong people love to eat fish, not just ordinary steamed fish and other dishes, but also processed fish products, such as fish balls, which are also very popular.

fish balls

Therefore, there are many related studies on the production of fish balls.

Simply talk about the fish ball making that Hong Kong people like. First of all, when making fish balls, fresh fish must be used.

The fish you choose must have less fat, rich protein, high water absorption, high viscosity, fine muscle fibers, better elasticity, less bones, and full muscles.

For example: conger eel, saury, sea bass, etc. are all suitable choices.

Other fish, such as silver carp, can also be used. However, the muscle fiber of silver carp is thick and hard, and the product of fish balls will not be smooth enough.

The size of the fish is best to choose 2~5 kg weight. Because the fish is too small, the water intake will be too little when making it, and it will not be smooth and tender. The fish that is too large will have too much fat and thick muscle fibers, so the fish balls made will not taste good.

With these basic information, next time you make fish balls, just choose the right fish, and your finished fish balls should be delicious.