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How to make cheap frozen shrimp delicious again??

Because of the convenience of storage, and of course the low price, we often use frozen shrimp. But using cheap ingredients does not mean that we have to eat poorly. We can use some techniques to make cheap ingredients delicious again

Sounds great, right? Ok, let’s learn about it


After the shrimp is frozen and stored, the substances contained in the fascia of the shrimp will be oxidized and converted into astaxanthin, making the fascia of the shrimp red.

At the same time, the content of trimethylamine oxide in the shrimp is relatively high, and it is easily reduced to the fishy trimethylamine during storage.

In particular, the fishy smell of frozen sea prawns is heavy, if not handled properly, it will affect the quality and taste of the dishes.

So we need to rinse the frozen shrimp

After thawing, soak in saturated salt water (add salt in the water until it does not dissolve, it is a saturated solution), and then continue to stir in the same direction until the shrimp fascia falls off, and the shrimp is jade white. The process takes about 3 to 4 minutes.

Then, rinse the shrimps with clean water to remove the fascia, add dry starch (ratio 1:1, add 1 gram of starch per 1 gram of shrimps) and a small amount of water to mix, let stand for a few minutes, and then rinse with clean water repeatedly. Soak an appropriate amount of water.

Saturated salt water has a high osmotic pressure, which allows the water in the shrimp cells to penetrate outwards, the tissues shrink, and the fascia is separated from the shrimp body during the shrinking process of the shrimps and becomes jade white.

Because starch has an adsorption effect, the addition of starch can quickly absorb the salt and fishy smell in the shrimp, and after repeated rinsing, it can also make the shrimp swell due to absorption of water and return to its original form.

After this treatment, even if you use relatively cheap frozen shrimp, you can make more delicious dishes. Not bad, right?