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One of the important cooking method in the concept of Chinese cuisine to make meat more delicious that You must know

Among the cooking methods, boiling is the most commonly used.

braised pork

Boiled is to put raw ingredients in a water pot and heat them until they reach the required core temperature, which is safe to eat.

In Chinese cuisine, this is one of the necessary steps to make meat more delicious.

Because in the concept of Chinese food, the protein-rich meat can eliminate the blood and fishy smell after being boiled.

When you want to remove the fishy smell of the ingredients, you must use cold water, put the ingredients in a pot with cold water, and then raise the temperature to slowly increase the temperature inside and outside of the ingredients.

In this way, the odorous substances in the meat will diffuse into the water, and the blood and odorous substances of the food will solidify when encountering hot water, increase the volume and reduce the specific gravity.

Propelled by heat, it floats to the surface of the liquid and you can remove it.

If the surface of the food is heated suddenly by boiling water, the protein will immediately harden and solidify and shrink, closing the cell pores. The blood and smelly substances in the food are difficult to diffuse outwards, staying inside, and affecting the quality of the dishes.

When I am cooking traditional Chinese dishes such as braised pork belly, pork knuckle, etc., these are all necessary steps to make the dishes more delicious, you can also try this.