how to save money on your menu design


Getting start a business or running a restaurant is not easy. Many bills, staffs salary…and many many things you have to pay, or put money on purchase new equipment, food…etc etc.
You would like to cut any cost which you can, if you really can…just like menu design / renew. Even maybe your restaurant are providing something seasonal and fresh, you are better hire someone to make a menu, which can let your business looks good.

But it cost many to hire professional one.


OK, so what you can do to cut cost? If you let me to say, don’t hire photographer, use stock photo. I’m a photographer too, and if you want me to take what you want, trust me, it’s expensive.
Using stock photo may not the best way, but micro stock can cut over 50% cost of photo for menu design. It will helpful.

Of course you can purchase my stock photo here (many thanks if you are going to buy). If not, there are many huge micro stock site there, like fotolia. You may find what you need in a cheaper price, but high quality.

After that, well…download some background source here for your designer, and told them to give you discount??XD

This post was written by phototora

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